.45 – Lead Cast Bullets


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.45 Caliber, .452 Diam., 230 gr., RN

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.45 Caliber, .452 Diam., 230 gr., RN

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Weight 3.4 lbs

Lightning Ammo

1 review for .45 – Lead Cast Bullets

  1. Pete

    I bought 500 of these and they fed nice and smooth through my 45 ACP 1911. They’re probably one of my most accurate loads I ever made. All rounds touching at 15′ and no problem hitting softball size steel at 50′. They seemed to gum up my reloading dies after I did 500 of them but that’s a fair amount of bullets and lube going through a die. I suspect that’s pretty common for a non-jacketed bullets. I’m looking for more but the distributor is out. That’s why I’m here and the pricing looks even better.

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