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At Lightning Ammo, we are determined to bring you the best quality products available. We strive to update and exceed our goals daily and listen to our customers!  It is because of your support, that we are able to do so. Thank you to everyone past, present and future, that helps us along in our business ventures.

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Why Choose Lightning Ammo

Highest Standards in Industry

All of our bullets are manufactured to meet SAAMI specifications. We thoroughly inspect and test each lot to ensure conformity.

Made in the USA

We are proud to be a manufacturer in the US. We also support other US-based businesses from raw materials to processing supplies.

Exceptional Quality Bullets

Through our consistent manufacturing process, thorough inspection, and extensive product testing, we ensure our bullets meet the highest levels of quality.

Reconditioned Brass Casings

All of our brass casings are inspected multiple times, washed, polished, and processed resulting in casings that look better-than-new and meet all of your reloading needs.