Meet John Royer  
Lightning Ammo is proud to sponsor John Royer in 3-Gun Shooting Competitions, and congratulate him on his success!   No surprise this competitor is used to winning, when he isn't reloading or shooting, he works for Joe Gibbs Racing.  John is the front tire changer on Matt Kenseth's #20 NASCAR Sprint Cup race car. 

Click on the link below to see John at a recent CLOSE QUARTERS TACTICAL ACTION SHOOTING (CQTAS) Match,.   Video courtesy of Megan Hardy / Austin Tindal.

View John In Action

Meet Our Newest 3 Gun Team Member: 
Cheyenne Dalton

Cheyenne Dalton is our newest team member, but she is not new to competitive shooting.  She may just be 16, but she has been shooting competitively for years. 

To see her in action, click on the link below.  We are extremely excited to have Cheyenne using our Lightning Ammo products and wish her continued success!
Visit Cheyenne's YouTube Channel

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At Lightning Ammo, we are determined to bring you the best quality products available. We strive to update and exceed our goals daily. It is because of your support, that we are able to do so. Thank you to everyone past, present and future, that helps us along in our business ventures.

NASCAR Sprint Cup Race

March 6th, 2016 

​Las Vegas, NV


Jim House, owner of Silver State Bullets

John Royer , pit crew for Joe Gibbs Racing

​and Mel Kluhsman, owner of Lightning

Ammo & Kluhsman Racing Components  

" 3 Gun Team " -  Kurt Sagehorn , Cheyenne Dalton, John Royer

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Lightning Ammo was featured on Fox Business News Network in  a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on at Lightning Ammo, and our sister company KRC Racing.  This  two minute episode featured the entire company of Kluhsman Machine and was produced by  "Manufacturing Marvels" .   Kluhsman Machine has been in business over 33 years, specializing in designing and manufacturing racing products.  

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